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Photography without PhotoShop

The other day I talked to a girl and in our conversation we came across wedding photography and photoshop. I said that IRead more ♥

Brand New Logo & Stationary

Realizing that I have grown out of my old branding (well, part of it) is very exciting to me. It shows me that I haveRead more ♥

Jasmine Star on Creative Live

I’ve been waiting for this day, been excited and antsy to finally tune in to Creative Live and learn from JasmineRead more ♥

New Lighting Gear // Pocket Wizards

A few months ago, I told Adrian, that I was looking into purchasing off-camera lighting gear. Of course his respond wasRead more ♥

Telling Stories with Photos

When I just started out with Wedding Photography I would hear great photographers say, that our job is to ‘tellRead more ♥


What a beautiful day to announce the Winner of the Photography Session Giveaway from a while back, in honor of theRead more ♥

New Rustic Stationary

  I think it’s pure luxury to receive a pretty, handwritten note in the mail. It makes me feel specialRead more ♥

Bunny Ears

When I created my new website, one of the really important points for me was to be able to access the site with smartRead more ♥

Photography Session Giveaway

In celebration of an all new look for Rahel Menig Photography I’ve decided to give away a FREE Photography SessionRead more ♥