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Just For YOU // Inspiring Pinterest Boards

It’s no secret – I LOVE Pinterest. Each morning, I start out my workday with a cup of coffee and 15-20min onRead more ♥

Wedding Photographer Behind the Scene

Isn’t it always fun and interesting to get a little behind the scene looksie? . . I absolutely loved Lauren &Read more ♥

Mammoth Lakes Travel Photography // Part II

During the night I had to get up twice, just to check if there was any snow on the streets. After all, the weatherRead more ♥

Mammoth Lakes Travel Photography // Part I

Adrian & I are huge into Road Trips. As in, we drove around the US in 29 days back in 2010. Pretty crazy. Now thatRead more ♥

A Month in Review // October

This month has been all about family, I guess. And relaxing. Shutting down. Enjoying the little things. Leya is growingRead more ♥

The End of Wedding Season & What It Means

So. Wedding Season has officially come to an end. What does that mean? Well, engagement and therefore booking season isRead more ♥

Death Valley Travel Adventures

I was so looking forward to having my parents here for three weeks. Like I was telling Adrian at least once a day, howRead more ♥

A Month in Review // September

Phew! I’m four days late in posting my Month in Review blog post. To my excuse (and seriously, I have two reallyRead more ♥

Photography without PhotoShop

The other day I talked to a girl and in our conversation we came across wedding photography and photoshop. I said that IRead more ♥